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The Diaper Shower - How to Throw the Ultimate Diaper Themed Shower

The Diaper Shower How to Throw the Ultimate Diaper Themed Baby Shower

The Diaper Shower  How to Throw the Ultimate Diaper Themed Baby Shower

Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to equip the parents-to-be with everything they will need for their new baby. You can be sure they'll definitely need diapers! Beyond keeping the guest of honor covered in the diaper department, the diaper shower theme is conveniently gender-neutral. It also lends itself to lots of fun choices from the shower decorations to the shower games.

We love a diaper themed baby sprinkle as well. What is a baby sprinkle you ask? A baby sprinkle is a smaller shower for parents expecting their 2nd (or 3rd or 4thyou get the idea) baby. At a sprinkle, you know the parents already have the baby gear covered. So, restocking them with the essentials - like diapers - is key.

More and more men are celebrating the journey into parenthood and we're seeing more diaper themed showers for dad, thrown by co-workers or good buds. Early fatherhood is filled with countless diaper changes, so why not help the new dad stock up in style before the baby is born?

Whether you're throwing a diaper themed baby shower, sprinkle or party for the new dad, here are our favorite event ideas. From shower invitations to sprinkle party favors, they're sure to make your party one to remember:

Diaper Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitations communicate important information. Beyond conveying the details like time and place, invitations help set the tone of the event. Is this a Diapers and Mimosas event at an upscale venue or a Diapers and Donuts sprinkle where more casual attire is called for? Baby showers come in all scales and it's considerate to let your invitees know what to expect.

Your diaper shower invitation wording depends on your goals. Are diapers just the theme of the party? If so, have a blast with cheeky images of diaper bottomed babies and old-fashioned diaper pins.

However, if you want to direct the guests to contribute diapers to the event, you can let them know right on the invitation or invite them to contribute to a Diaper Subscription Gift. An IncrediBundles.com diaper subscription gift is the modern take on a diaper service. You choose to send a 3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month or Year of Diapers and the recipient chooses the brand and size they want delivered straight to their door each month.

Of course the style and layout of the invitation can be a blast to design. We love invitations that are shaped and open like a diaper. Feel free to let your guests know where the parents-to-be are registered right on the invitation.

Diaper Baby Shower Decorations

Diaper Cake

For a while, the diaper cake had become ubiquitous. These days, though, the traditional diaper cake is on a downward trend since it can be a little impractical as a gift or a baby shower centerpiece. Parents have so many options when it comes to diapers and often have strong opinions about the ones they want to use. From plant-based to chlorine free, bamboo to patterned, the options go on and on. It can be challenging to know which type of diapers to use in creating the cake or which brand of cake to buy.

The typical diaper cake also necessitates that the new mom dismantle the cake and store the diapers until the baby is ready for each of the sizes included. In all, it's not as useful as it had originally seemed.

We like a more modern take on the cake, one where everything used to make it can be used right away and throughout the years to come. Instead of coiling up individual diapers, we use diaper care essentials like reusable washcloths, towels and cloth diapers. With this version, there is no waste and the items are immediately useful. (Fun tip even parents who use only disposable diapers appreciate having cloth diapers on hand. They are perfect to use underneath your baby on the changing table and make great burp cloths.)

Of course, since the goal is to gift diapers, we like to top our "cake" with a certificate good for an IncrediBundles.com Year of Diapers Subscription Gift. It's the innovative way to give diapers at a baby shower! This giftable diaper subscription allows the new mom to select exactly the brand and size of diapers she wants delivered straight to her door each month. It's the best way to send diapers and the perfect diaper shower gift.

Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is so useful and can make a great table centerpiece. Fill it with fresh flowers or, if you're super crafty, flowers made from onesies, baby socks or washcloths. You can even add what we like to call baby care origami elephants, bears and other creations made out of the essentials mom and dad will need.

Diaper Baby Shower Games and Activities

Speed Diapering Game

This game is fun for men and women alike. Create stations with a baby doll and diapering supplies at each. Then, start the clock! And yes, feel free to make the diaper a little messy for the changer. A few squirts of mustard should do the trick. Have some fun prizes on hand for the winners.

Dirty Diaper Wins the Prize

Yes, this is another dirty diaper game, but it's a great activity to use as an icebreaker session. Fill a basket with diapers, some clean, some with a stain inside. You can use a marker or, again, a bit of mustard to make the stain. Each guest takes a diaper randomly from the basket and holds on to it without looking inside the diaper. Then, each guest can introduce themselves and/or say a few words to or about the guest of honor. Before moving on to the next person, the guest who spoke can take a look in the diaper. If it's "dirty" they win a small shower prize.

Sweet Diaper Notes Set up a table with a basket of disposable diapers and some colorful sharpies. Have each guest write something for the parents-to-be on a diaper. It can be something witty or heartfelt, a piece of advice or a memory of them as a child. Have a cute diaper caddy ready to store all of these notes, readying them for the guest of honor to read later.

Diaper Baby Shower Desserts

Donuts and Diapers are a popular diaper shower theme and we're here for it! Especially for a baby sprinkle or for a baby shower for dad! You can use the donuts and diapers theme on the invitation and then create a beautiful platter of donuts at the dessert table. Some bakeries will even create custom donuts for you and make the icing, sprinkles and other toppings a special color for the event. Want to go DIY? Make the donuts yourself in the oven using a donut pan, we love these by Wilton. You can top them with a simple glaze of powdered sugar and milk and add food coloring to make them pop! Dip in sparkly sprinkles to finish them off.

Cake Pop Baby Rattles

Desserts that double as dcor are a win-win and these cake pop baby rattles are a prime example. They are simple enough for even amateur bakers and create a beautiful display. Plus, they're such a nice mess-free treat for guests. Their rattle shape means you have a sweet little cake ball on each end and can play with the colors. You can keep them super neutral or bright and colorful.

Diaper Cookies

Of course, with diapers as your theme, you can't go wrong with a tray of diaper cookies at the dessert table. You can find lots of inexpensive diaper shaped cookie cutters on Etsy. A little glaze and piping to decorate will yield adorable results. They also make cute party favors!

Diaper Baby Shower Party Favors

Even grown-ups appreciate leaving a party with a fun favor! A clever shower party favor will end your event on a happy and memorable note.

For a diaper themed shower favor, we love these diaper shaped holders by the Fun365 team at Oriental trading company. Here are the directions for how to make them. We suggest using larger napkins and stuffing them with something closed instead of the loose candy they recommend. Perhaps a sweet treat like a brownie or blondie wrapped in cellophane with a sticker bearing the name of the guest of honor and the date?

Want to take your shower favor game to the next level? Give guests a personal mini bottle of sparkling wine or other spirits with a cute tag that says "Bottom's Up!"

More Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Of course a diaper themed shower is still, at its heart, a baby shower. We have seen a lot of fun ideas over the years from baby shower dcor to baby shower games, food and beyond. Little touches make a big impression and tie a party together. Here are our favorites that will work in conjunction with any baby shower theme.:

Watercolor Balloons

Check out these beautiful watercolor balloons by Balloon Time. A little acrylic paint thinned out with water takes your baby shower balloons to a whole other level of elegance. This is such a versatile craft, allowing you to customize the colors you use on your balloons to the color scheme of your party.

Simply start with a standard, inflated latex balloon. (We love how using a white or cream balloon really allows the colors you paint on it to shine). Then, create the color palette of your choice using 3-4 colors of acrylic paint. Thin each paint color out with a little bit of water on your palette and paint a swath of each along the bottom of the balloon. Tie the balloon to a chair or table while it dries.

Mini Succulent Favors

This party favor is high on our list of faves because it won't be thrown away afterward. In fact, quite the opposite! Succulents are foolproof for even those without a green thumb and thrive in almost any type of home environment. Plus, guests will think of you and your awesome party skills every time they look at their cute little memento. Try tying a ribbon and tag around each one commemorating the shower. This is a great opportunity to incorporate the theme or color scheme of your event.

Cookies in a Jar Party Favor

A jar like this has lots of variations cookies in a jar, cheesecake in a jar, smores in a jar, etc. Again, we like that everything used to make this favor is useful. Long after the cookies are baked and eaten, your guest will find themselves using the Ball jar that held the ingredients. We use them as drinking glasses, vases for fresh flowers and, of course, for storing jams, jellies, sauces and more! Tie a ribbon with a tag thanking your guest for making the party "so sweet" and feel free to add a small set of measuring spoons or wooden stirring spoon.

Baby Shower Balloon Arch

A baby shower calls for lots of pictures and a balloon arch is a fun backdrop. Plus, it makes for a dramatic focal point in the dcor. There are lots of ways to make a balloon arch a little extra. Try switching up the size of the balloons you use and really playing with the colors. Want to do an all pink or all blue arch? Include several tones of the same color pink or the same color blue for a monochromatic masterpiece.

Baby Shower Guest Book/Photo Album Combo

Want to make your baby shower guest book extra special? Have an instant camera on hand for the event. Take a picture of each guest with the mom/parents to be. Then, affix that picture alongside the guest's message. It's a beautiful ready-made memento for the new parents to take home with them.

Baby Shower Photo Book

Similarly, we love pulling all the images of the party together for the parents to be and sending them a printed photo book later. This is particularly special when it's a shower filled with close family and friends! Alternatively, you can work to get one really good shot of the guests and guest(s) of honor together and send it along to the parents-to-be in a sweet frame.

The best baby showers are the ones where everyone works together to make the new mom and dad feel loved and supported as they grow their family. It's a celebration we love in all its forms from small and sweet to elaborately planned. After all, what we're really celebrating is not just the birth of a new baby, but of a new family as well! Cheers!

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