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Non-Profit Solutions

Why Non-Profits partner with IncrediBundles

We make it easy for non-profits to distribute diapers to families in need.

Our platform can incentivize participation in prenatal / postnatal wellness programs.

Our programs ensure that families get what they need when they need it.

Our Platform makes
it easy for non-profits
to distribute diapers

The IncrediBundles diaper redemption platform is a closed-loop system that ensures the recipient:

  • Can only redeem diapers.
  • Can select the brand, type and size of diapers they want each month.
  • Can place orders online and easily track shipments.

We Know
How to Work
with Non-Profits

  • We create custom programs to meet your organization’s needs.
  • We can tie the distribution of diapers to criteria you set (i.e., specific milestones).
  • We help manage the distribution of diapers through partner agencies.
  • We provide the controls to ensure strict compliance.
  • We enable reporting that prioritizes the information that matters most.

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