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About Us

The Power of a Gift

We believe a gift can be a powerful thing. The right gift can make the recipient’s life easier, happier and less stressful. A gift should never go to waste. By empowering the recipients of our gifts to select what they redeem, we know they’re getting everything they want and need and nothing that they don’t.

Recipients Choose What They Redeem

Whether you’re a mom choosing diapers for your 6 month old or a dad selecting books for your 2 year old, you know what your child needs better than anyone. You know which diapers fit them well and which don’t. You know whether they’re obsessed with farm animals or deep into cars and trucks.
Enabling you to select what you want at the
point of redemption makes all the difference
in the world.

Our Purchasers & Recipients

Giftems are given to thousands of new and expectant parents each year at baby showers and sprinkles. They’re gifted to toddlers and preschoolers at birthday parties, holiday gatherings and celebrations throughout the year. They’re the choice of countless grandparents, aunts & uncles, siblings and friends who want to give a gift that makes a real impact.

Giftems are also given by hundreds of companies to employees who welcome a child. These companies know how meaningful it is to mark such an important milestone in an employee’s life.

Purchasers choose us because they know that long after the celebration is over, our gifts make the lives of their recipients better every day. We keep their nurseries stocked with the diapers and wipes they choose, making for dry, happy babies. We keep their bookshelves filled with the books they select, nurturing bright, engaged little minds.

That’s the power of a gift. That’s the power of Giftem.