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Subscription Options

How It Works - For The Purchaser

  • Purchaser Selects a Subscription Length

    Choose to give a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month Diaper Subscription!

  • Purchaser Chooses Where to Send the Announcement Package

    Upon your purchase, we send an adorable package announcing your gift! We can ship this directly to the recipient or to you to bring to a baby shower.

  • Purchase a Diaper Subscription AND Baby Wipes Subscription to Save!

    When purchased together, a $30 discount will automatically be applied during checkout. Note, the certificates for both subscriptions will be delivered in one announcement package.

How It Works - For The Recipient

  • Recipient Creates an Account and Activates Their Subscription

    The Announcement Package contains all the information your recipient needs to redeem their diapers.

  • Recipient Orders Their Diapers

    Your recipient gets to pick the brand, type and size of diapers they want on their own schedule.

  • Recipient Receives Their Diapers

    The diapers are delivered straight to their door each month!

Best Corporate Gifts

  • Gifted by the Most Respected Companies in the World

    Companies large and small give our Diapers + Wipes Subscriptions as part of their employee benefits packages for new parents and as incentives for employees who participate in prenatal wellness programs. See More.


3-Month Diaper Subscription Gift
3-Month Diaper Subscription Gift

Our 3-Month Diaper Bundle is a great way to help mom, dad and baby off to a dry and comfortable start. Upon your purchase of this bundle....

Price: $249.00
6-Month Diaper Subscription Gift
6-Month Diaper Subscription Gift

Life with a baby is filled with lots of firsts – and lots of dirty diapers! Our 6-Month Diaper Bundle is the perfect way to keep mom and dad well-stocked for diaper duty! Upon your purchase of this bundle your recipient will receive...

Price: $449.00
9-Month Diaper Subscription Gift
9-Month Diaper Subscription Gift

Babies go through thousands of diapers in their first year and it can be hard (and expensive) for mom and dad to keep well-stocked.  Our 9-Month Diaper Bundle eliminates the pressure of last minute runs to the store for diapers as well as relieves the burden of this unavoidable baby expense.  Upon your purchase of this bundle...

Price: $639.00
A Year of Diapers Subscription Gift
A Year of Diapers Subscription Gift

New parents expect diapers to be stinky but they often don’t expect them to be so expensive. While you can’t make changing diapers more fun, you can certainly make buying them easier. Be a hero and give our Diapers for a Year Subscription! Upon your purchase of this bundle...

Price: $829.00