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The Best Holiday Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

When the excitement of the holidays is over, parents of babies and toddlers are often left with two things - a ton of discarded wrapping paper and lots of giant plastic toys. Every parent of young children faces the giant plastic toy conundrum. What to do with them? They typically take up a lot of room, require quite a few batteries and will randomly make all sorts of noises to remind you they are there. The main problem with them, though? They usually don't provide very much play value and fail to engage the baby or toddler to whom they were gifted.

We believe the best gifts are the ones that the recipient uses long after the special day is over. They effortlessly combine the practical and the adorable and address both what the recipient wants as well as what they need. Here are our foolproof Holiday Gifts For Babies & Toddlers:

Diaper & Wipes Subscription Gifts

Diapers and Wipes are one of the few real must-haves for parents of babies and toddlers. An IncrediBundles.com Diaper or Wipes Subscription Gift is the bestselling baby gift that allows the recipient to choose the brand and size they would like to receive each month. Subscribers choose from all the major brands Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and more! Each comes with an announcement package featuring a beautiful plush teddy bear that is sure to become a favorite lovey and snuggle buddy.

Book Subscription Gifts

Did you know that the number of books in a child's home has a direct impact on their language skills and later academic achievement? Give the gift that builds their home library month after month! An IncrediBundles.com Book Subscription Gift allows recipients to choose the books they redeem each month. Recipients redeem 3-5 books each month, choosing from the best, award-winning books for children. Purchasers can choose to send a 3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month or Year of Books Subscription Gift. Each includes an adorable book-themed announcement package of the purchaser's choosing.

Custom Baby & Toddler Gifts

When it comes to babies and toddlers, it's typically the little things that make the big difference. While it's tempting to go for the largest, most boldly colored toy on the shelf in the baby aisle, we prefer to stick to the basics that have the most play value. Use the IncrediBundles.com Create A Bundle tool to craft the ultimate baby or toddler gift box filled with the gold standards in toys like building blocks, stackers, teethers, books and sweet plush that they'll take with them wherever they go. Throw in a themed bath towel to make bath time fun all year long and add a Diaper Subscription Gift Certificate for mom and dad to make it the most memorable gift ever.

At IncrediBundles.com we believe a gift can be a powerful thing. It can ease the financial pressures of life with a baby or toddler and allow mom and dad to feel less stress and more joy during this exciting time in their lives. It can provide countless hours of snuggly story time and fill a child's home with the books that will stretch their imagination. It can pass along the classic, must-have toys that a child will turn to again and again, making treasured childhood memories. The best gifts bring a smile long after the day of celebration is over and weave themselves into the day to day life of a child.

IncrediBundles.com believes in the power of play and the importance of making the lives of parents easier so they can focus on what matters most. IncrediBundles.com Diaper, Wipes and Book Subscriptions are the hit baby gifts and toddler gifts that keep on giving month after month.