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Creating a Book-Rich Home for Babies & Young Children

We know that babies and young children thrive in book-rich environments. Here are our tips for making books an integral part of your home and your childs day:

Create Spaces For Books Throughout Your Home While we believe every childs bedroom should feature their own little library, books are not just for bedtime. They should be a part of every room in your home. Keep books on low shelves, bins and baskets throughout your home. Youll find your child reaching for their favorite books in the same way they reach for their favorite toys.

Make Books Easy to Browse Young children rely on seeing a books cover to find the one they want, not its spine. We love forward-facing sling bookshelves like this one. For books on low bookshelves, mix it up with some standing spine out and others stacked face-up. Bins on the floor make it fun and easy for little ones to take books out and put them back in.

Choose Books That Can Stand Up to Rough Handling For babies and toddlers, pick formats that will stand up to the rough, tough, totally appropriate behavior of children that age. Board books and cloth books are perfect choices because they can be squeezed, stepped on, wiped clean and even chewed on without getting ruined or posing a danger.

Bring Books Out and About With You Sometimes being out means waiting waiting in line while mom gets that caffeine boost, waiting in a restaurant for the bread to come, waiting while mom or dad tends to your big sister or brother. Keep a book or two in your diaper bag for your little one to pass the time in these moments. For really little kids, we love cloth books with clips that attach them to a stroller or high chair.

Keep Books Within Reach for Your Childs Sleep Routine Do you have a favorite spot where you rock your baby or toddler right before their nap or nighttime sleep? Keep books nearby so you wont have to disrupt the calm of your routine by getting up and shuffling around for the next book.

Stock Up On Books Before Your Babys Arrival Dont forget to put books on your baby registry and to keep building your babys library as he grows. An IncrediBundles.com Book Subscription is the perfect way to grow the perfect little home library. In the early, hazy newborn days, you will reach for those books and be glad they are there. The sound of you and your partners voice, rhythmically reading, provides comfort and supports the important work of your babys rapidly growing brain.

The early years of childhood and parenthood tend to be a time when habits form and routines are set. Why not make them healthy ones? By making sure you have books accessible from the start and by making room for them in your home and in your day, youll fall into the healthy habit of reading regularly to your baby. Check out Why the Number of Books in a Childs Home Matters to learn how reading to your baby just 15 minutes a day can positively impact her brain development.

IncrediBundles.com believes in the power of books. The IncrediBundles.com Book Subscription Gift is the hit baby shower gift that keeps giving month after month and allows recipients to choose the titles they want to receive. Each comes with a beautiful announcement package!