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Building A Baby's First Library

A library filled with the best books for a baby's first year is a must for any nursery. Studies show time and again that reading to children early and often gives them a solid foundation for success in school and in life. Parents can begin reading to their baby from day one if they stock their nursery with lots of good books. That's why we believe that book bundles make such brilliant baby gifts!

Not sure what to get for the youngest of bookworms? When selecting books for a baby's first year, look for these types of books:

Touch-and-Feel Board Books

Touch and feel board books engage a baby's sense of touch and bring the book's images to life. Not only can baby see the image of the bunny and hear the name of the animal but he or she can also "pet" it and explore the texture of its fur - all within the safety of mom's lap! We love the substantial texture panels featured in Quack! Quack! by Priddy Books.


Lift-the-Flap Board Books

Lift the Flap board books offer infants and toddlers the element of a "predictable surprise." As the child grows familiar with the book, he or she will remember what image lies beneath each flap. The anticipation of what they look forward to seeing - and then the exciting reveal once the flap is lifted - is great fun. Consider it a game of "peek-a-boo" in book form. DK Publishing carries a great line of lift-the-flap books. Check out Baby Says Peekaboo!


Black and White Books

A baby's vision is generally poor at birth but then develops rapidly over the first year. In early infancy, babies prefer high contrast images. Bold, pared down illustrations are easier for a young infant to take in. We love the books Baby Animals Black and White and Hello Bugs! Young infants will love looking at the adorable high-contrast images on every page and older infants and toddlers can point to the picture on each page and name the animal they see.


Cloth Books

Infants explore books with all of their senses. Cloth books feature different textures on each page. They are meant to be squeezed, chewed upon and – best of all – washed! Wild Animals by Melissa and Doug features sweet illustrations and is a just-right size for tiny hands.


Nursery Rhymes


Every child's library should include a good collection of nursery rhymes. Nursery Rhymes are perfectly suited for reading – and singing – to young children. Each rhyme is short, features repetitive language and is packed with often funny imagery. Plus, the rhythm and rhyme is great for a child's listening and language skills. One of our favorite book of Nursery Rhymes for the youngest set is Hickory Dickory Dock. It features a padded cover, sturdy board book pages, fun illustrations and a great selection of the most beloved rhymes.


Simple Stories

Even very young children can appreciate simple stories in which we meet and become endeared to a character. Look for books with good illustrations and small amounts of concise text on each page. We love Richard Scarry's I Am a Bunny. The Big Dog and Little Dog series is also great for the littlest listeners. The books in this series feature clear pictures and very simple text to tell endearing stories.


Bedtime Stories

The ritual of a story before bed can be key to establishing healthy sleep habits. Look for books with a soothing cadence and sweet imagery. Sylvia Long's version of Hush Little Baby reimagines the classic lullaby with a slightly updated sensibility. The large board book version of Time For Bed couples repetitive rhymes with the loving images of different animals ushering their children to sleep. Of course, Goodnight Moon is the gold standard of bedtime stories.


Books make a wonderful gift when bundled together into a cohesive, themed assortment. The IncrediBundles.com Baby's First Books Bundles are well-rounded and feature a variety of types ofbooks that babies love. Our Bedtime Book Bundles are a sweet way to get the new family started on a childhood filled with snuggles and bedtime stories. We also love to bundle books and book-based plush that celebrate the most beloved children's authors - like our bestselling Eric Carle Book Bundles!
Best of all, when you give the gift of books, you can rest assured that your gift will be used again and again!