Giftems are
The Best Baby Gifts
for new parents!

Giftems are the best baby shower gifts because they keep on giving long after the party is over. They’re the fun, easy way to gift diapers, wipes and books! Each Giftem includes an adorable announcement package that's perfect for bringing to baby showers and baby sprinkles.

Announcement Packages

Each Giftem Diapers, Giftem Wipes and Giftem Books includes an adorable announcement package featuring a snuggly plush and a card with your recipient’s unique activation code.

Giftem Announcement Packages arrive tied with a bow and ready to give.

They’re the ultimate baby shower gift and the smart gift idea for 1st birthdays, 2nd birthdays, holidays or any day you want to give the gift that keeps on giving month after month.

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Print & Give the Perfect Baby Gift!

Need a last minute baby gift?

Select our Print & Give option at checkout! You can print the certificate to bring with you to a baby shower, birthday party or other event.

This printable certificate will let them know what you have gifted them and that the announcement package is on its way.

Diaper Gifts Made Easy

Looking for the perfect diaper gift idea? Giftem Diapers are the best newborn gifts! Recipients get to choose the brand and size they want delivered straight to their door each month. Giftem Diapers is the modern, giftable diaper delivery service and a fresh take on the diaper gift basket and diaper cake.

Our Top 5 Tips for Giving the Best Baby Gift!

Give a Baby Gift You Know They'll Need – Essential items like diapers and books make for baby gifts with a big impact.

Give a Baby Gift That Won't Be Quickly Outgrown – Choose baby gifts with a wide window of usability. If you do give clothes, gift items in the 3-6 month or 6-9month sizes, not newborn.

Give a Baby Gift that Will Last Longer than the Newborn Phase – We love baby gifts that keep on giving all through that first year.

Focus on Quality not Quantity – A good baby gift is one that the new parents won't hesitate to give to their baby! Choose one or two items that are clearly safe and useful and steer clear of baskets full of "florist grade" products.

Give a Baby Gift That Makes a Difference in the Life of a New Family – Our favorites? Books to snuggle and read at bedtime, open-ended toys that will last for years to come and their choice of diapers ready and waiting for the thousands of diaper changes in a baby's first year!


Our bestselling Diaper and Wipes Subscriptions have been a hit at thousands of baby showers across the country. The IncrediBundles.com subscription service has enabled countless gift givers to make life easier for new moms and dads. We love hearing from our subscribers. Here are some of the videos we have received from parents who wanted to let us know how they feel about our Diapers and Wipes Subscriptions.

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