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About Us

IncrediBundles - The Modern Baby Gift Basket

At IncrediBundles.com, we decided that the traditional baby gift-basket needed a drastic revision in order to truly meet the needs of new parents and babies. So we threw out the wicker basket, cellophane and paper shred and discarded the generic baby care products. In their place, we designed adorably chic reusable storage containers and filled them with the very best award-winning toys, books and products for babies – selected by experts and approved by parents. The result is our innovative line of IncrediBundles, each designed to address a specific area of an infant’s development.

Convenient Categories Make Gift Giving Easy

IncrediBundles are organized into categories based on the developmental or product need which they address. Each IncrediBundle within our line is carefully configured to include products which will be used and cherished throughout baby’s first year and beyond. We believe that today, more than ever, parents need gifts that will last beyond those hazy first three months. You can rest assured that the products included in our Bundles are safe, smart, enriching and will become beloved childhood favorites.

Social & Corporate Responsibility

We are a company built by parents and, as parents, we understand that all moms and dads want the same things for their children – the opportunity to grow, learn and thrive in a safe, clean and well-cared for world. That is why we are dedicated to making the world a happier and more inspiring place for all children. It is also why we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by implementing responsible product design which reduces waste whenever possible.

The IncrediBundles.com Charity Network

The IncrediBundles Charity Network consists of a select group of the nation’s most respected children’s charities. We make a donation to one of the charities in our network every time a Bundle is purchased from our site. The charity which receives the donation is based on the type of Bundle sold. Each Bundle category has its own corresponding charity whose mission reflects the spirit of that category. Through our financial commitment to the charities within our network, we are able to do our part to help children in need. We strive to provide children with books that inspire, toys that enrich and products that comfort, soothe and create the safest environment possible. At IncrediBundles.com we know these are not luxuries, they are the right of every child.

Quality Products At Affordable Prices = A Smart Choice

IncrediBundles are positioned as the smart gift for the new or expecting parent. The toys and products chosen to fill our gift Bundles undergo a careful vetting process that meets the most stringent standards for safety, educational value and usefulness. At IncrediBundles.com, we understand that the value of a toy is reflected not in its price but in how often it is used, how long it lasts and how much joy it brings. The toys we feature in our exclusive line of Bundles offer limitless opportunities for “open-ended” play and are made from the highest quality materials and construction so that they can last for generations. In addition, our Bundles provide great value and convenience for the gift giver. Our Custom Order Bundles allow the purchaser to create a truly personalized gift and our Bundle Subscriptions are the unique gift idea that deliver age appropriate products to the recipient throughout the year. Whichever Bundle you choose from our product line, you will find we provide the best value. Simply put, you would likely pay more to buy all of the products separately and assemble a gift basket yourself than if you just bought an IncrediBundle. Plus, we offer free shipping. With this, our hope is to make the best toys and products accessible to as many children as possible.