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Throwing a Baby Shower For the Modern Mom

Baby Showers run the gamut from traditional, women-only fetes to coed evening cocktail parties. Whether you choose to throw one that is small and intimate or big and extravagant, the goals are the same - to celebrate the creation of a new family and to help the parents-to-be stock up on all of the gear they will need for their baby.

We turned to Seri and Michelle from Little Miss Party in a Box for advice on how to throw a memorable baby shower.

Who typically throws a baby shower – family, friends?

Almost always family. It's a very special time in one's life and, typically, family members are all over the honor of planning and hosting this event.

How involved (if at all) is the mom-to-be? Do you approach her for a guest list? Have her coordinate the date with out-of-town guests?

The mom-to-be is very involved if it's not a surprise and baby showers are typically not planned as a surprise party. The person planning the shower should absolutely request a guest list for this exciting gathering. However, there is no need to go as far as coordinating out of town guests as you might with a wedding. Give far-away guests the option to join in the fun and if they can make it, they will figure it out, asking for help if needed.

What is the trend when it comes to showers for the 2nd baby and beyond? Do people just send a gift or do they ever still throw an actual shower?

People typically forgo a shower for a second baby but it is always good etiquette to send a gift.

Are people doing more co-ed showers these days or are you still seeing mainly female-only showers?

We see a lot of co-ed showers these days and it makes so much sense. While the mother does the heavy lifting, the father should still get to celebrate! We have styled some really fantastic co-ed showers. My favorite was for a graduating mom to be...where we made the shower about the "Future Graduate" with tons of sweets and chocolate cigars!

How do you let people know about the registry and how many registries are new moms typically registering with?

You make a note on the baby shower invitation of the places where the expectant parents are registered. Most new moms register at 2 places.

At what point in the pregnancy is the shower typically thrown and how much advance notice of the date do hosts usually give?

The shower is usually held towards the end of the pregnancy - in or around the 7th month. A baby shower invitation can be sent out 4-6 weeks in advance (8 weeks for those who may be traveling to be there).

Do people still open gifts at the shower? Any good practices/traditions around that?

Yes and no. Some people love it some people hate it. If you do open the gifts, make sure someone is taking note of what the mom-to-be has received so she can follow up with Thank You Notes.

Any favorite Party Favors?

We love custom cookies and "She's Gonna Pop" mini bottles of champagne!

Baby Shower Foods/Drinks

For baby showers anything in miniature form is fun! We love to have guests munch on mini donuts and mini pigs in a blanket. Playing with the color pink or blue in the food is also neat if you know the gender of the baby that is on the way. To keep it festive, you can make sure to have lots and lots of bubbly on hand!

Baby Shower Games/Activities

There are so many fun choices! We love creating a special bingo game customized with lots of baby-themed squares and pink and blue dotters. A custom round of baby-themed scattergories is another fun one that will get everyone thinking and talking.

We once did a Pamper Me, Baby (spa-themed) shower where we set up a bath salts station so guests could make their own jar of bath salts.

We also once did a Pregnant In Heels baby shower and brought in a masseuse to give the guests foot massages!

Baby showers can be such a fun opportunity for multiple generations to get together and celebrate an amazing event - the entrance of a new little person to love! So, guests are usually pretty game to dive in, participate and have a great time. Sharing food and drinks and talking about babies - does it get any more fun than that?! At IncrediBundles.com, we try to make at least one part of throwing the perfect baby shower easy - finding the perfect baby gift! Check out our post full of helpful hints for selecting The Perfect Baby Shower Gift and check out our article about Building A Baby's First Library for tips on creating the perfect Book Bundle to give at your next shower!

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