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Building a Baby Gift Bundle

Baby registries often tackle the big items like furniture, carseats and strollers. As a new parent, though, you quickly learn that it's the little items that prove to be lifesavers in your day to day life. That is why we love baby gifts that bundle together several smaller items to create one truly thoughtful gift.

Think of IncrediBundles.com Baby Gift Bundles as the modern version of the baby gift basket. Out with the old-fashioned wicker and cellophane! In with a chic, reusable storage box into which we pack all of the award-winning baby toys, books and products you select for the perfect baby shower present.

What should you choose for your gift bundle? We like to mix items from different categories. Try our trick for bundling a fun trio to craft a fun, well-rounded baby gift. Pick one item from each of these three must-have baby product categories:

Soft & Soothing - Include one item that contributes to a soft, nurturing environment for the new baby. Consider a cuddly plush, a soft blanket or a snuggly bath towel.

Cute But Practical - Add a toy or product that serves a useful purpose like an all-natural teether or stim toy - anything that will make life easier for mom and dad or more fun for baby.

Books - Children can never have enough books! They are a foolproof baby gift. We always like to include one or several in our gift bundles.

To turn your trio into a gift that presents well, bundle it in one of our cute, reusable storage containers. They are stylish enough for keeping out on display in the house and useful enough to corral toys, books or whatever you need contained but accessible.

Tie it all together even further by selecting items from a common theme. Here are some of our favorite ideas for themed gift trios:

Baby Bath Bundle

Warm Fuzzy Towel + Cute Bath Toys + Bath-Themed Board Book

We love this adorable duck-themed, hooded bath towel. It is just the thing to wrap babies and toddlers in after a bath. Made from a super soft and absorbent 100% cotton terry, it will last through wash after wash. Pair it with the cute Moby Rinser - styled to look like a whale - for tear-free hair rinsing. Then, top it all off with a bath-themed board book that mom and dad will find themselves reading again and again.

Sleep Bundle

Swaddling Blanket + Loveys + Bedtime Storybook

What if you could give the new parents a good night's sleep? We have a gift for that. Pair an award-winning muslin swaddling blanket with a set of soft-cuddly loveys. Then add a bestselling bedtime story in a board book version. Feeling sleepy yet?

Play Bundle

Teddy Bear + Teething Toy + Nursery Rhymes

Every child should have a snuggly teddy bear. We love this one by Kaloo. It has the sweetest face, is just the right size and is so very soft. Add to that an award-winning teething giraffe made from all-natural rubber. Finally, top it off with the best book of nursery rhymes we have seen for babies and toddlers.

New Mom Bundle

A mom-on-the-go needs a cute yet practical diaper bag in which to stow it all. Pick one like the bestselling Versa Skip-Hop in sophisticated black. She'll find herself using it long after the baby is out of diapers. Inside, tuck a sweet book and plush combo. We love pairing the Guess How Much I Love You Bunny plush with the board book version of the story. You could also pair the classic Goodnight Moon with the plush Goodnight Moon Bunny or The Tale of Peter Rabbit with the sweet Peter Rabbit plush. Do we love bunnies for babies? Yes, we do!

What is our best advice for creating your Baby Gift Bundle? Be thoughtful about what you include. Make sure each item is one which you would buy as a standalone product for the new baby. Babies deserve the safest environment possible. Steer clear of buying "filler" items that just make the gift bundle or gift basket bigger instead of better. The new parents will thank you!