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Green Sprouts Cooling Teether

Your baby might not be eating fruits and veggies just yet, but they will love the Fruit & Veggie Cool Soothing Teethers! The easy to hold fruit and veggie shapes offer a variety of textures that help soothe and encourage first teeth to break through. 

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Price: $4.00
Green Sprouts Natural Wooden Ring Rattle

The Ring Rattle is made from natural, sustainable wood without paints or dyes to support your child’s health and well-being. It is easy to hold and shake, makes a playful rattle sound..

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Price: $15.00
Green Sprouts Stacking Cups Set

The Stacking Cup Set takes a simple object and turns it into a learning opportunity for your baby! Your baby will love stacking and unstacking the cups while watching water slip through the animal-shaped draining holes. 

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Price: $6.00