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Sesame Street Bundle

Our Sesame Street Bundle is a sweet introduction to the classic characters on Sesame Street.  It is also perfect for toddlers who are getting to know and love the show.  It features a GUND plush Big Bird and a GUND plush Elmo just right for cuddling along with the bestselling Sesame Street Hardcover....

Price: $49.00
Peter Rabbit Bundle

Our Peter Rabbit Gift Bundle is perfect for passing that sweetly mischevious bunny on to the next generation.  It features a soft plush version of the famous bunny, a board book...

Price: $49.00
Eric Carle Book Bundle - Baby Gift

The Eric Carle Collection baby gift features the author's most beloved children's books.  This adorable set is not only a great baby gift, it is also the perfect gift for a one year old or two year old.  These beautiful and sturdy board ...

Price: $59.00
Goodnight Moon Bundle

The classic Margaret Wise Brown story paired with a soft, snuggly plush Goodnight Moon bunny of their very own....

Price: $45.00